Dubai has announced the first-ever underwater floating mosque

first-ever underwater floating mosque in Dubai

This cutting-edge mosque, which will be situated in the city’s breathtaking waterfront region, is anticipated to become a top destination for both locals and visitors.

Visitors will be able to pray inside the mosque’s distinctive structure while taking in the tranquil beauty of the sea.

The first of its kind in the world mosque will include three stories, an underwater deck for prayers, a seating area, and a coffee shop above the water. Washrooms are planned as well.


The capacity of this underwater floating mosque is 50 to 75 worshippers.

The project cost is around AED 55 million.

As per Ahmed Al Mansoori from the IACAD the construction will start soon.

It demonstrates Dubai’s dedication to creativity and innovation in all spheres of life, including religious traditions.

The mosque is expected to be a symbol of unity and peace and will serve as a unique destination for those looking to experience the beauty of Islam in a truly unique setting.


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