Escape the City: The Best Desert Cafes in Dubai for Relaxation

Desert Cafe Dubai

Having a cup of coffee or roasted marshmallows over the fire after taking pictures among orange dunes or light beige sands? After dinner, spend the night in a tent to truly experience the spirit of a Bedouin lifestyle.

Alternatively, savour tea made on charcoal in an armuda. In addition to offering delicious food and drinks, desert cafes in Dubai and other emirates will provide travelers with a sense of oasis, tempting them with possibilities to take in one-of-a-kind photos that will make them feel like they’ve landed on Mars or lead a caravan of camels across a desert.

Please note that most desert locations in our guide (excluding Elsewhere) are only open during the winter months (till March/April).

Desert Cafes in Dubai

One Degree Winter Cafe

One Degree Winter Cafe - Desert Cafe in Dubai

As coffee and the crack of morning go hand in hand, so does our adventure begin with this invigorating drink. It creates the perfect setting for an immersive Bedouin evening atmosphere: a sand dunes and starry sky outdoor café decorated with carpets, wooden tents, and archways.

To suit different tastes, the collection offers a variety of hot and cold coffee alternatives. Espresso and long black cost 19 AED for connoisseurs of strong coffee, and cappuccino and latte cost 25 AED for those who want a softer flavor. Not only that, but a unique cold drink costs 29 AED, and an iced latte costs 26 AED for those who want to escape the heat of the desert.

Delicious sweets to go with the coffee include mini chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (4 AED), Nutella-covered donuts (5 AED), and milk cake (27 AED), which comes in three flavors: the original, with saffron and pistachio, and a traditional milk cake.

The swing offers people the chance to take beautiful shots as the sun sets. There are a lot of kid-friendly attractions just next to the café, such as a playground, a park, and rides for camels, horses, and ponies in addition to archery.

Perfect photo ops include an artistically decorated Arabian corner and other enticing locations like a lighted arch and doors with mirrored interiors. Nightly entertainment also includes fire and singing performances.

Dogs are welcome at this location, where customers may have coffee and pastry with their animal friends sitting nearby.

Note: If you want to visit this venue in the evening when the temperature tends to decrease, bring coats or other warm clothing with you. Furthermore, using the table heater incurs an additional 30 AED charge.

  • Location: Margham desert – Dubai
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday 3:00 PM-1:00 AM, Friday to Sunday 3:00 PM-2:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.2 (971 reviews)

Hidden Café

The intriguing mirror display, which masterfully reflects the breathtaking natural surroundings and offers an exquisite backdrop for every visitor looking for the ideal photo opportunity, is the main draw of this visually magnificent pop-up in the desert. The presence of palm trees further improves the oasis by giving the atmosphere a genuine and revitalizing touch.

Hidden was privileged to have His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai, as a distinguished guest in 2022.

The menu offers a variety of specialty drinks, such as the Mango Matcha for 38 AED, the Lavender Mojito for 35 AED, and the Turmeric Latte for 30 AED. Éclairs cost 25 AED, brownies 33 AED, raspberry cheesecake 45 AED, and tiramisu 45 AED, among other decadent dessert options.

A renowned beef burger costs 55 AED, sweet potato fries cost 20 AED, and a variety of sandwiches begin at 28 AED on the menu. There’s a special kids’ menu for younger diners with dishes including mac and cheese for 22 AED, nuggets for 17 AED, and sliders with fries that start at 25 AED for beef or chicken.

Guests may enjoy cooking marshmallows on sticks over an open flame (fees start at 65 AED for the bonfire and 15 AED for marshmallows and sticks).

In the previous season, the location held workouts with well-known fitness instructors, and live music events were available in the evenings. There’s also a neighboring establishment that arranges buggy trips.

It is a pet-friendly restaurant, so feel free to bring your pets along to enjoy the pastries and delicious coffee as you relax on bean bags, wicker seats, or soft poufs.

  • Location: Al Qudra – Dubai
  • Timings: temporarily closed
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual dining)
  • Google Maps: 3.8 (467 reviews)
  • Tripadvisor: 4 (5 reviews)

Hubara Hills Café

Hubara Hills Café - Desert Cafe Dubai

Are you looking for a weekend full of activities? Putting up a fun race on a well-kept bike course, then having a delicious meal in Hubara Hills, and ending the day with an overnight camping trip nearby?

This brand-new café opened in January 2024 and is right next to a peaceful lake. It has a calm atmosphere that is enhanced by the singing of birds, some of which are endangered. There are also many other species of animals in the area, such as deer.

But the real attraction is the breathtaking sunset views, which offer a magical atmosphere in which to enjoy delicious food and drinks. Even with your dog by your side, it’s a delightful place to relax and take in the beauty of nature.

A wide range of options are available on the menu, such as salads, spaghetti, and burgers in addition to a variety of coffee drinks, freshly squeezed juices, cocktails, and milkshakes. Of note, the pasta with tomato sauce, presented in a stylish lobster shell, is the most unusual meal available.

Note: It is a good idea to bring insect repellent because being near the water may draw a fair share of midges and mosquitoes.

  • Location: Al Qudra Rd – Dubai
  • Timings: 3:00 PM-12:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50 AED (Cheap)
  • Google Maps: 4.6 (17 reviews)

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Sonara Camp

Sonara Camp - Desert Cafe Dubai

Located in a desert reserve, Sonara Camp is a genuine getaway that has been painstakingly planned to blend in with its natural surroundings. It pays respect to the classic Bedouin encampments of the past while incorporating modern elements.

Visitors can anticipate an array of enticing offerings, including:

  • The Sunset and Dinner Experience is priced at 690 AED (Jun-Sep) / 890 AED (Oct-May) for adults, with rates of 280 AED or 380 AED for children.
  • The Sunset Experience starts from 480 AED per adult and 190 AED per child.
  • The Dinner Experience commences at 690 AED per adult and 290 AED per child.
  • For those seeking a more exclusive adventure, the option of a private chauffeur-driven 4WD car and safari ride is available, beginning at 2,730 AED for two individuals.
  • Additionally, guests have the opportunity to indulge in the overnight experience, inclusive of a stay at the nest, priced at 2,650 per nest.

Each evening, the camp’s vibrant schedule promises to captivate guests with unique performances, adding an element of surprise to every visit.

To further enrich the visitor experience, the camp offers an array of activities, including a volleyball court, camel rides, falconry photo opportunities, live performances, and a host of other engaging pursuits.

  • Location: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve – Dubai
  • Timings: 4:00 PM-11:30 PM
  • Price per person: 480-690 AED (Fine-Dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.4 (185 reviews)
  • Tripadvisor: 4.5 (41 reviews)

Caia Bamboo Café

Caia Bamboo Café - Desert Cafe Dubai

Welcome to the quaint winter haven of Caia Bamboo Café, which offers stunning views of Flamingo Lakes from its lakefront location. A cool breeze from the lakeside adds to the peaceful atmosphere while you relax in this beautiful location. Ducks may be seen strolling about the recreation area.

Enjoy relaxing meditation classes on the weekends for 150 AED per person – a great way to revitalize!

Dine on their specialty dishes, which include the savory penne pasta for 65 AED, the enticing French toast for 75 AED, the juicy tika chicken for 60 AED, and the creative signature mushroom cake for 45 AED. Enjoy an assortment of fragrant coffees beginning at 20 AED as well. Relax to the calming melodies of Arabic background music and the warm glow of mood lighting as dusk draws in.

We advise booking in advance to guarantee a smooth experience because the café is frequently busy and may have short wait times. They provide the opportunity to reserve tents, which give a warm and secluded atmosphere, for bigger parties.

  • Location: R9V8+FF – Al Qudra – Dubai
  • Timings: temporarily closed
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 3.7 (102 reviews)

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Limited Café

Caia Bamboo Café - Desert Cafe Dubai - Desert Cafe Dubai

Within the magnificent Al Marmoom Al Qudra Lakes, Limited Café is a hidden treasure that is perched on a little food island and offers stunning views of the calm lake against the backdrop of the desert.

Savor a wide range of tasty meals, such as the decadent kunafa French toast for 55 AED, the crispy mozzarella sticks for 25 AED, the flavorful cheese garlic bread for 30 AED, the succulent fried chicken burger for 40 AED, and the standard cheeseburger for 50 AED.

Apart from indulging in the delicious food, attendees may also take part in creative workshops, have fun working with kids’ inflatable playgrounds, and play entertaining board games.

  • Location: V82X+F93 – Al Qudra Lake Road – Dubai
  • Timings: Monday to Friday 4:00 PM-11:00 PM, Saturday to Sunday 6:00 PM-12:00 AM, temporarily closed
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.6 (28 reviews)

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Klock Café

Klock Café - Desert Cafe Dubai

Around a large wooden clock, a welcoming coffee nook offers a unique, sandy experience.

Guests can choose to unwind on plush bean bags with a hot cup of their favorite beverage, or they can settle into a fenced-in snug space with sofas.

Captivating installations across the area come to life at night with magical lighting. On a lovely white wooden swing, guests may also take pictures of special moments for social media.

The menu offers a variety of beverages, including milk-based coffee for 25 AED, strong black coffee for 19 AED, hot chocolate for 15 AED, and a delightful pistachio hot drink for 25 AED. As for desserts, the selection includes cookies for 10 AED, brownies for 25 AED, Japanese or honey cake for 20 AED, and a specialty cake named Klock for 25 AED.

  • Location: Entrance from Al Aweer – Lehbab Road – Dubai
  • Timings: 5:00 PM-1:30 AM
  • Price per person: 50 AED (Cheap)
  • Google Maps: 4.6 (266 reviews)

Desert Cafe in Sharjah


Uncommon - Desert Cafe Dubai

This alfresco dining area, which opened in 2022, is tucked away in the Al Faya Desert and offers stunning views of vivid orange sands and unusual reflecting mirror structures that not only create an otherworldly backdrop reminiscent of a Martian landscape but also offer a welcome escape from visual clutter.

Burgers, pizzas, milkshakes, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, cookies, French fries, and onion rings are just a few of the mouthwatering items on the menu. For those who would want to cycle after dinner, there are plenty of well-kept bike paths in the vicinity, making it a great choice.

Key details to note: Payments with cards are only accepted, and they are made possible using a QR code system and application. Professional cameras are not allowed, however using a smartphone camera to take pictures is acceptable. It’s also a good idea to bring eye protection, like sunglasses or a hat with plenty of coverage, in case there are any windy conditions.

Amenities on-site include prayer rooms, restroom facilities, and a shop offering an assortment of merchandise, including minimalistic T-shirts, hoodies, pants, socks, and tote bags.

  • Location: Al Faya Desert – Mahafiz-Al Fayah Rd – Tawi Mahafiz – Sharjah
  • Timings: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual dining)
  • Google Maps: 4 (342 reviews)

Link by Mara - Desert Cafe Dubai

Link by Mara provides a range of meals including the Egg & Cheese Waffle (44.10 AED), Breakfast Bruschetta (47.25 AED), Basil Pesto scrambled egg (42 AED), and Fairfax (42 AED)

At dusk, the space is transformed into a music destination with spectacular fire performances.

The area has many cave-like booths that provide customers with a lower seating place where they can really experience the vibe of the desert.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the individual fire pits in each booth. A unique and intimate environment is provided for visitors with a total of 13 booths that can accommodate six to ten people apiece.

  • Location: Al Jada – Muwaileh Commercial – Sharjah
  • Timings: 4:30 PM-3:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 3.9 (386 reviews)

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Al Fayy Restaurant and Cafe

Al Fayy Restaurant and Cafe - Desert Cafe Dubai

In 2024, Sharjah welcomed a brand-new Middle Eastern dining place that provided a great way to warm up your winter.

The location offers two stories of indoor sitting as well as outdoor areas in the sand with couches and tables beneath quaint wooden gazebos and intimate seating groups with little tables. Inside, visitors may unwind on cozy couches or eat in a section with a friendly bar counter.

Strolling down tastefully constructed wooden walkways lit by gentle lighting, guests may arrive at the gazebos where cozy fireplaces offer warmth on chilly winter evenings.

The breakfast menu includes Foul Moudamas for 20 AED, pancakes for 30 AED, and Omelette and Fetta Lemon Zest for 25 AED. Additionally, patrons can savor Cajun Butter Chicken for 25 AED, Greek Falafel Sandwich for 15 AED, and Lemon Zest Pasta for 25 AED.

  • Location: Sharjah media city – Al Mitsannid – Sharjah
  • Timings: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.6 (60 reviews)

Common Café

Common Café - Desert Cafe Dubai

Nestled amidst the serene Al Faya Desert landscape, a coffee shop offers a unique experience with its minimalistic design, providing a breathtaking view of the sand, dry trees, and beige-golden stones.

This peaceful environment is the ideal atmosphere for a coffee shop where customers may enjoy freshly ground coffee, delicious baked items, and a variety of enticing sweets. Of particular note is that the café is well known for its proficiency in making stone oven pizzas.

It is aesthetically pleasing and blends well with its surroundings by using natural stones for sitting. Soft, ambient lighting fills the café, making it especially charming at night and evoking an intimate environment that whisks visitors away from the rush of everyday life.

Visitors may also take in striking photos along mirrored pillars reflecting the enchanting colors of the golden sunset.

  • Location: Al Faya Desert – Tawi Mahafiz – Sharjah
  • Timings: 5:00 PM-1:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.5 (41 reviews)

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Elsewhere - Desert Cafe Dubai

Desert inside? Why not! The uniquely designed space that brings the desert indoors within this establishment features sand-covered floors, artificial green cacti, and glass walls, while the building itself exudes an appearance of being hewn from stone and dusted with sand.

Among the many appetizers available at this amazing location are edamame for 22 AED, rock shrimp for 35 AED, and taco bao for 35 AED. In addition, customers may choose from a variety of salads that start at 35 AED and sushi selections that cost 52 AED for 6–9 pieces.

The menu offers a tempting rice bowl with short ribs, mushrooms, and sweet corn for 75 AED, as well as black Angus tenderloin for 105 AED, for those who are interested in the chef’s specialties. Guests may finish their meal with delicious desserts including tiramisu for 30 AED or baked cheesecake for 35 AED.

  • Location: Banks Building – Hayawa 4 – Sharjah
  • Timings: 9:00 AM-12:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 3.8 (87 reviews)

My Space Coffee

My Space Coffee - Desert Cafe Dubai

Intimate mirrored booths are available indoors, or guests can choose to unwind on plush couches and armchairs set right on the sandy ground. The space also has wooden swings and rocking seats. Guests may even light a fire to improve their stay for an additional cost of 30 AED.

In addition to providing a unique experience with fire and light shows, exciting picture sessions with falcons, and camel rides, the business offers VIP seats for enhanced convenience and elegance. Additionally, visitors may take use of a photo booth kiosk to capture priceless moments and interact with a wild gorilla.

The menu offers a selection of cold coffee options, fruit-based mocktails, milkshakes, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and specialty desserts. Customers may also indulge in a variety of chicken strips, burgers, and hot dogs. Notably, the venue had tempting offers like 10 AED burgers throughout the winter of 2024.

  • Location: Nazwah desert – XMQ7+38M – Al Qasimiah City – Sharjah
  • Timings: temporarily closed 
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 3.9 (358 reviews)

Not A Space

Not A Space - Desert Cafe Dubai

Enter this futuristic enclave and set off on an amazing cosmic journey! A massive shining orb that resembles a heavenly body sits at the center of this space – or is it really not a space? –and casts an alluring brilliance after dusk.

Vibrant red lighting adds to the thrilling atmosphere, and the lit stage sets the stage for exciting acts including dance, music, and hypnotic fire shows.

This visually stunning event takes place near a quaint food truck that is furnished with picnic tables and plush bean bags, resulting in a laid-back atmosphere. Interestingly, dogs are allowed at the location, so animal friends may enjoy the ethereal ambiance as well.

The menu isn’t very long, but it does include a lot of coffee, milkshakes, and delicious bites, so visitors may fill up on tasty refreshments before embarking on their cosmic voyage.

  • Location: Al Faya desert – Al Batayeh – Al Faya Road – Sharjah
  • Timings: 4:00 PM-1:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50-100 AED (Casual Dining)
  • Google Maps: 4.7 (1,416 reviews)

Tea Lounge

Tea Lounge - Desert Cafe Dubai

If you’re fond of tea, there’s no need to search any further than this exceptional desert restaurant. It’s the top choice for tea enthusiasts looking for a unique experience sipping tea prepared over charcoal.

This charming location provides a dreamy backdrop for long evenings outside, where visitors may relax on swing seats among a calm setup of soft, low-lying tables and beanbags.

The menu offers a selection of herbal drinks, karkade for 14 AED, Iraki red tea for 5 AED, and classic karak teas for 7 AED. Indulge in some oysters (21 AED), fire-fried corn (7 AED), shrimp skewers, or the unusual but delicious lobster with cheese (39 AED), which catches you off guard with its excellent serving akin to a gourmet hot dog.

  • Location: Al Madam desert – Madam Rd – Refada – Sharjah
  • Timings: 4:00 PM-1:00 AM
  • Price per person: 50 AED (Cheap)
  • Google Maps: 4.7 (41 reviews)

Desert Cafe in Ras al Khaimah

The Dome

The Dome - Desert Cafe Dubai

Guests at The Dome can enjoy a special dining experience in a lovely tent surrounded by beautiful orange sand dunes.

They can also take part in exciting quad-riding adventures or relax and admire the stunning desert sunset. After that, they can treat themselves to delicious coffee and cake, with prices ranging from 18 AED to 35 AED.

The unique see-through design of the venue lets visitors enjoy the comfort of being sheltered while taking in the breathtaking views of the desert scenery.

  • Location: JVX6+QW – Butain Al Samer – Ras al Khaimah 
  • Timings: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
  • Price per person: 50 AED (Cheap)
  • Google Maps: 5 (1 review)

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