Dubai Garden Glow Park: Your Ultimate Guide [Includes Real Photos&Review]

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow Park was opened in December 2015. Workers spent over two years laying out the paths, buildings, and infrastructure at this venue in Zabeel Park. Developers spent over $1 million to create this vibrant space within the city’s heart.

Each year, a particular theme is chosen by The Retailers Investment LLC, which operates the park for the light displays, with most of the themes revolving around conservation. Past themes have included energy saving, wildlife preservation, and waste reduction.

Conservation is an essential theme throughout the park, so LED bulbs are used in all displays. This park employs over 500 employees who build the displays using recycled materials. While the original artists were from Dubai, artists now come worldwide to work on displays that use over 10 million LED lights.

  • Best time to visit: Dusk (during winter season)
  • Recommended time: 2-3 hours

We advise this attraction for families with kids under 12 y.o. , for DIno lovers,  for couples for a date night, or if you are planning to make some great photo shots.

Lake at Dubai Garden Glow Park
Lake at Dubai Garden Glow Park


  • Washrooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • Play areas for kids
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Shops
  • Informations Signs
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Mini train (for additional payment)

Note that pets are not allowed in the park.

Also, mention that there is no public Wi-Fi at the park.

Things To Do At Dubai Garden Glow

There are five primary areas at Dubai Garden Glow Park, and you will want to explore them all.

Glow Park

Glow Park

The Glow Park features over 25 larger-than-life, three-dimensional art installations lit with over 10 million LED lights at night. As you stroll through the installations, you will feel like you are traveling worldwide.

Artists make each installation from recycled materials, like china dishes, old CDs, and small bottles. The unique fusion of nature, art, and technology provides many Instagram-worthy moments. Please stay on the main paths, as park staff designed them to keep you safe and let everyone see the displays.

Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park at Dubai Glow Garden is the largest collection of animated prehistoric animals in an outdoor setting worldwide.

Kids especially love this park area because the dinosaurs move and roar. Over 100 dinosaurs are on display, with most of them being moving and roaring.

Signage by each one lets you know what type of dinosaur you are viewing and when they lived. You can also walk through a Dinosaur Lab so you understand more about when the different dinosaurs lived.

Some of the dinosaurs walk. While viewing others, you can climb into their mouths and act like they are about to tear you apart or climb inside prehistoric dinosaur eggs.

You can also explore the Dinosaur Museum to see fossils and skeletons. This is a fun way for parents to add a touch of education to their visit to the Dubai Glow Garden.

Art Park

Art Park At Dubai Garden Glow

A visit to the Art Park may inspire your creativity as you view the large installation work of other artists worldwide. All art is made from 100% recycled materials. Many of the pieces feature life-size animals.

A park favorite is the Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest structures in the world and a few miles away. Employees make each creation from sustainable materials. The art park can be a terrific place to visit if you need to wait for dusk because you can see how the creative artists used sustainable materials better.

Glow Safari

Glow Safari

One of the newest areas of the Dubai Glow Garden is the Glow Safari. This area of the garden features artist’s creations of animals from around the world lit up with LED lights.

As with other areas of the park, displays change frequently. One favorite display from the past featured wildebeest crossing the Mara River, but remember that each new season brings new attractions.

Magic Park

Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow

You will have trouble trusting your senses when you visit the Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow, as the illusions will blow your mind. Walk on the ceiling during a visit to the Upside Down Room. See if you can dance your way along the lines and through the shapes in the Kaleidoscope Room.

See if you can find your way through the maze of wonderful dense forest creations, including cooing birds flying overhead, in the Magical Forest. This part of the park also has a Mirror Maze Room and Infinity Room that you will want to explore.

Entrance to the Magic Park is not included in the standard ticket, so you should either pay an extra AED 45 to get in or choose a ticket option that already includes entrance to Magic Park.

Ice Park

The Ice Park in Dubai Garden Glow is a unique attraction that stands out as a chilling adventure in the heart of the desert. It is recognized as the biggest ice sculpture park in the Middle East, featuring an array of impressive ice sculptures. These sculptures are expertly handcrafted by local artisans, showcasing their skill and creativity in transforming ice into beautiful art pieces.  But this area is temporarily closed now.

As a visitor of Dubai Garden Glow, you can also enter Zabeel Park for free.

Mini train
You can have a ride on a mini train for extra pay (AED 20)


The best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow Park is at dusk, as that will give you time to enjoy all the displays and areas at this park, the largest outdoor glow-in-the-dark park in the world.

The garden opens annually in September and closes in May.

From Sunday to Friday, the park is open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

On Saturdays and national holidays, the park stays open until 12 p.m.

Since the displays made from recycled materials change regularly, you will want to return often.

Check out the list of Dubai parks.

Dining at Dubai Garden Glow
There are plenty of dining options at the park

Our guide unlocks top family activities for an unforgettable adventure.

Tickets Price

The entry fee to Dubai Garden Glow:

  • Dinosaur Park+Glow Park+Art Park+Glow Safari package is AED 70.
  • Dinosaur Park+Glow Park+Art Park+Glow Safari+Magic Park package is AED 115.

Kids under 3 years old are free of charge.

Dubai: Garden Glow Entry Ticket with Magic Park Option from AED 60/USD 16.34 Сheck availability
Dubai: Garden Glow Entry Ticket with Dinosaur Park Access from AED 75.44/USD 20.54 Сheck availability
Dubai: Garden Glow Admission Ticket with Hotel Pickup from AED 330.55/ USD 90.00 Сheck availability
Dubai Glow Garden With short Dubai city tour Private Basis from AED 775/ USD 211 Сheck availability
Dubai Garden Glow: Entry Ticket from AED 70.15/ USD 19.10 Сheck availability
Glow, Dino, Art, and Magic Park Admission from AED 99.90/ USD 27.20 Сheck availability
Glow garden – General admission from AED 60/ USD 16.34 Сheck availability
Glow garden – General admission with a private transfer from AED 375/ USD 102.10 Сheck availability
Glow Garden Combo tickets from AED 118/ USD 32.13 Сheck availability
Glow Garden Combo tickets with private transfer from AED 433/ USD 117.89 Сheck availability
Dubai Garden Glow + Dinosaur Park + Art Park from AED 60/ USD 16.34 Сheck availability
Glow Garden + Dino Park + Art Park + Magic Park from AED 90/ USD 24.5 Сheck availability
Garden Glow Entry Ticket from AED 70.12/ USD 19.09 Сheck availability
Garden Glow Magic Park Combo Ticket from AED 115.15/USD 31.35 Сheck availability
Admission Ticket Dubai Garden Glow from AED 110.19/USD 30 Сheck availability
Dubai Glow Garden + Dino Park + Magic Park Combo Tickets from AED 183.64/USD 50 Сheck availability

Booking Policy

GetYourGuide, Tiqets, Viator or RaynaTours allow canceling up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

If you buy tickets from the official website, Klook, or Platinumlist, they will not be refundable.


The address is Dubai Garden Glow, Zabeel Park, Gate No-6&7 Area-B, Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

How To Reach

Getting to Dubai Garden Glow is easy regardless of how you prefer to travel.

  • By Car – Enter Gate 6 or 7 at Zabeel Park. There are nearby public parking lots, where you can park for a small fee of AED 10 per day.
  • By Bus – Lines 83, 88,55, X28, X22, X92, and 29 run near Dubai Glow Garden Park. There are several bus stops within walking distance. The closest stop is the Al Jafiliya Bus Station, about 2.8 km away. Other options include the Trade Center Metro Bus Stop, about 3.1 km away; Max Metro Bus Stop Seaside, about 3.7 km away; and Al Karama Bus Station 1, about 4.1 km away.
  • By Metro– Metro riders can quickly get to the park by taking the Red Line. The closest station is the Max Station, which is 2.4 km away.
  • By Taxi – You can easily get to the Glow Garden by taxi. Just use the Careem or Uber app to hail a taxi or catch it on the street. It is a very popular location, and most drivers know where to let you off.
Gate 6 Dubai Garden Glow
Use Gate 6 to enter the park


As with any attraction, visiting the Dubai Glow Garden Park has pros and cons.

Based on reviews people notice the following pros:

  • Great family-friendly activities and sites.
  • Good food and drinks near cute places to sit.
  • Informative signs near the dinosaurs are easy to read and very kid-friendly.
  • Not very crowded.

Based on reviews people notice the following cons:

  • Some guests found that the street vendors were a little pushy.
  • Some areas need maintenance.


The Dubai Glow Garden is a beautiful attraction in the city’s heart to visit. Keeping some tips in mind can help you enjoy your visit even more.

You may need to show an ID (passport, driving license, or EID)  to enter the park. Ensure you have it ready as you near the entrance gate to speed up the process of getting into the park.

There are many beautiful places to take photos in this park. Therefore, bring your camera charged and with enough memory.  

Throughout the park, heart-shaped archways are particularly great places for couples to take photos.

Since this attraction is in Zabeel Park, consider making a day of it by doing other things in the park. The entrance to Zabeel Park is free for visitors of Dubai Garden Glow.

This attraction is in Area B, including a lake, a fantastic place for a rowing adventure, and a cricket pitch. Use Gate 6 to enter the garden.

Start your visit at the Magic Park. Then, go to the Dinosaur Park before visiting the Glow Park and Safari Glow after dark to enjoy the millions of lights.

You can see everything by train first (need to pay an extra AED 20) and then walk to have a closer look at those points you like most.

When visiting the Dinosaur Park, take the time to read the signs near the different dinosaurs. They are well-researched, so everyone is sure to learn some new information. Everyone must pay a small entrance fee to enter the main park.

Information Signs in Dubai Garden Glow Park
Information Signs to learn more about Dinosaurs

There is no outside food or drink allowed in the park. Consider eating with the street vendors before entering the park. This area also has many small restaurants, with most of them serving local cuisine. If you get hungry while visiting the park, the food and drinks from the vending machines are cheaper than options from the vendors.

Ensure that you dress for the weather. Nights can get a little cool, so consider dressing in layers or bringing a light jacket with you. Since this park covers about 40 acres, you will want to wear comfortable walking shoes. As with other attractions in Dubai, ensure that you dress modestly.

Pets are not allowed in the park. Therefore, if you are traveling with your furry friends, ensure that you arrange proper care for them before you enter the park. In addition, you will need to walk as you explore this garden, as scooters and bicycles are not allowed.

Consider not going to the park on a national holiday or Saturdays when it could be too crowded.

Bring some extra cash with you. There is a small carnival where you and your children will want to play games. Additionally, there is a souvenir shop, where you will want to buy things to take home for yourself and your friends.


  1. Professional photo sessions for engagements, weddings, modeling, TV commercials, and other occasions need management office permission in advance.
  2. Kindly make use of the designated exits, walkways, and passageways.
  3. Outside food, and beverages are not allowed.
  4. Pets, bicycles, hoverboards, cars, balls, and scooters are not permitted.
  5. Visitors are required to abide by all verbal and written safety guidelines given by Dubai Garden Glow.
  6. There are non-smoking areas at Dubai Garden Glow that must be adhered to.
  7. Pets and animals are not permitted within Dubai Garden Glow.
  8. At all times, guests are expected to dress respectfully, and Dubai Garden Glow has the right to deny entry to anybody wearing inappropriate clothing.


Are Dubai Garden Glow and Miracle Garden the same?

No, Dubai Garden Glow and Miracle Garden are not the same. They are two distinct attractions located in Dubai.
Dubai Garden Glow is known for its innovative use of light and themes that change every season. It features several zones, including Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, and Art Park each offering a different experience centered around artistic light installations and sculptures.
On the other hand, Dubai Miracle Garden is a natural flower garden that boasts a vast array of flowers arranged in intricate designs and patterns. It is famous for its large-scale floral structures and holds the record for the world's largest flower arrangement. The garden typically operates from November to May, coinciding with the cooler months in Dubai, to ensure the flowers can thrive.

How much time do you need at Dubai Garden Glow?

2-3 hours would be enough.



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