Best Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

afghani restaurants

Looking for tasty Kabuli palaw, fluffy rice, and mantu served with tangy yogurt-garlic sauce in Dubai? You don’t need to look much further than the Afghani restaurants represented in our comprehensive guide.

What makes exploring the traditional cuisine of Afghanistan through food genuinely worthwhile?

  • Afghan food is an excellent choice if you are a meat-lover who cannot imagine a dinner without it. The national cuisine includes various meat selections, except pork, and ranges from kofta and kababs to korma and grilled chicken.
  • Afghan cuisine is very flavorful and full of coriander, mint, garlic, and dill, especially in soups and stews, making it an excellent choice for people who prefer a spicy meal.
  • Suppose you’re eager to partake in the tradition of floor dining, a practice uncommon in European dining customs. In that case, Afghan Palace Restaurant, Afghan Darbar Restaurant, Kabul Darbar, Afghan Kabul, and Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab all provide dedicated areas for this unique way of food consumption.
  • Furthermore, for those seeking to savor the spirit of Afghan teahouse culture, Sthan, Wakha, Kishmish, and Kabana Restaurant offer an array of intriguing tea selections, including traditional unsweetened cardamom tea.

Best Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

Afghan Palace Restaurant

Afghan Palace Restaurant - afghani restaurants

Afghan Palace Restaurant is part of a trio of restaurants in Dubai, with Al Nahda 1 emerging as the top-rated establishment. Our review concentrates on the exceptional eating experience provided here, which properly reflects traditional Afghan dining halls’ cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Standard tables with soft teal chairs are available at the restaurant, which also has private spaces with arches and walls in the oriental style. There is also a particular area where patrons may eat in the traditional Afghan manner, seated on rugs and cushions, for those looking for a more genuine eating experience.

This restaurant serves an extensive selection of meat-based meals in huge portions, even for appetizers, and is a meat lover’s paradise. Afghan Shinwari Lamb Tikka (from 70 AED), Shami Kebab (from 30 AED), Shinwari Karahi (from 60 AED), and Shinwari Chargha Namkeen (from 30 AED) are some of the signature dishes that highlight the country’s traditional features.

The Afghan Platter, which comes with kebabs, lamb chops, shinwari chicken tikka, kabuli chicken boti, and pallow, is also a great option for group eating. It can be purchased for 2, 4, or 8 people for 95 AED, 180 AED, or 350 AED, respectively.

The staff at the restaurant is always there to help guests unfamiliar with Afghan cuisine on their gastronomic adventure, providing advice and help in choosing the ideal dish to begin their culinary discovery.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Barbecue, Grill, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 AM-1:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 5 (8 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.8 (2,251 reviews)
  • Location: Shop #8, Ahli House – Al Nahda 1 – Dubai


Sthan - Sthan

The word Sthan means “a place” and refers to the distinctive combination of three culinary traditions – Afghan, Pakistani, and Indian – with solid historical and geographic ties. Because rice is so beloved in those countries, Sthan’s menu offers various rice-based meals as main courses and sides.

A variety of mouthwatering delicacies are featured in the menu’s Afghani section, including:

  • Chappein is a premium mutton chop with solid tastes of mustard oil, garam masala, and chile. (priced at 42 AED)
  • Afgani Korma – Chicken meat stewed in a delectable yogurt sauce and spicy gravy (available for 30 AED)
  • Kabuli Murgh Shorba – A filling, classic chicken soup enhanced with saffron and fennel (priced at 17 AED)
  • Salata Kachumber – A basic salad of vegetables seasoned with masala, an authentic Afghani spice blend (priced at 13 AED)

Known for its health advantages and revitalizing features, cardamom-infused Afghan tea is a favorite choice among visitors to pair with spicy foods. The cost of the tea is 7 AED.

Apart from offering extensive cuisine, Sthan also functions as a location for organizing unique occasions like birthday celebrations. A lovely and savory food experience will be curated by the dedicated team, who will also decorate the hall beautifully. Guests can book their seats in advance.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Indian, Grill, Pakistani
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 PM-11:30 PM
  • Tripadvisor: 4.5 (85 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.5 (2,841 reviews)
  • Location: 68W5+WF – Al Karama – Dubai


Wakha - afghani restaurants

Wakha Restaurant draws a lively throng of diners eager to taste the delicious kebabs and other real meat delicacies from Afghanistan. It serves a delicious fusion of traditional Shinwari and Kabuli cuisine. The restaurant is small, but its popularity makes it worth waiting for a free table in the evening.

The restaurant’s specialties include:

  • Chopan Kebab – Succulent lamb chunks marinated in Afghani spices, expertly charcoal-grilled to perfection, and accompanied by a special Afghani sauce (priced from 70 AED)
  • Shinwari Lamb Tikka – Flavorful lamb tikka, starting at 70 AED
  • Dumpukht/Rosh – Tender lamb meat slow-cooked over a low flame with potatoes, served with a choice of rice or bread (priced from 45 AED)
  • Kabuli Pulao with beef, chicken, or lamb – A fragrant, long-grained steamed rice dish adorned with fried carrot slices and raisins (priced from 37 AED)

Enjoy hot green tea Peshawari Kehwa free of charge as a special surprise for every guest.

Furthermore, the dining venue has a Kid’s Menu with a choice of chicken with bread or rice and a drink, all for 21 AED.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Pakistani
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12:00 PM-12:00 AM, Friday to Saturday 12:00 PM-1:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 4.5 (121 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.4 (2,838 reviews)
  • Location: opposite Lulu Hypermarket – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai


Kishmish - afghani restaurants

Oriental-style kitchenware and home accents are expertly combined with natural materials in Kishmish’s distinctive interior design concept. It is filled with glass bottles, ornately tiled walls, shelves that display a variety of pickled veggies, and eye-catching pictures of caravan routes and nomads.

Kishmish has several delicious breakfast options, such as Afghan Scrambled Eggs, which cost 52 AED, and Spinach and Afghan Leek Shakshuka, which cost 62 AED.

The restaurant offers the following picks for those looking for hearty main dishes:

  • Bawardi: Dumplings filled with beef and served with a topping of yogurt and keema, priced at 72 AED
  • Korma Chalou: A delectable chicken stew infused with apricot and lentils, available for 80 AED
  • Dopiyaza: Slow-cooked lamb on lavash accompanied by lentils, gravy, and sumac onions, priced at 87 AED

Customers are invited to enjoy the delicious Afghan Halwa (42 AED) and the aromatic Afghan Karak Chai (25 AED), a milk and cardamom-infused tea, to round off their genuine Afghan dining trip.

Kishmish is thrilled to have won the 2018 BBC Good Food ME Winner – Homegrown Restaurant award as a tribute to its dedication to original tastes and culinary quality.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: Saturday to Wednesday 12:00 PM-11:00 PM, Thursday to Friday 12:00 PM-12:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 4.5 (41 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.4 (534 reviews)
  • Location: Dar Wasl Mall – Al Wasl Rd – Al Wasl – Dubai

Al Kabab Al-Afghani Al Raqi

Al Kabab Al Afghani Al Raqi - afghani restaurants

Serving customers since 1998, Al Kabab Al-Afghani Al Raqi has made a name for itself as a lively dining spot in a busy area.

The restaurant takes pleasure in providing a warm, laid-back setting where patrons may savor various dishes. These comprise the delicious Palak Mutton, which starts at 23 AED, the aromatic Mix Grill, which starts at 175 AED, and the fragrant Afghani Pulao, which begins at 32 AED.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 AM-4:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor:
  • Google Maps: 4.5 (273 reviews)
  • Location: 2nd Street, Al Baraha Area, Near Al Baraha Hospital, Deira – Al Baraha – Dubai

Kabana Restaurant

Kabana Restaurant - afghani restaurants

Kabana Restaurant is a unique dining destination that provides a comfortable and easily accessible dining experience. It is open to guests at any time of day.

Despite straying from traditional Afghan themes, the interior has a classic feel with large panoramic windows that provide lovely vistas of palm trees, luxurious velvet sofas, cozy armchairs, and soft, warm lighting.

The restaurant also has big screens throughout the place, which are frequently used to broadcast music videos and sporting events for the amusement of customers. A playhouse, slide, and drawing table are also in a kid-only section.

The Kabana Restaurant offers a variety of tempting food choices, such as the 150 AED Kabana Breakfast Set, 33 AED Fatteh with Hummus, 63 AED Afghan Salad, and 39 AED Halwa.

The balcony area is furnished with plush sofas and colorful flowers to provide a calm environment for enjoying sweet fruit, rose or mint shisha, or just relaxing with a cup of cardamom tea.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Fine-Dining
  • Opening Hours: 24/7
  • Tripadvisor: 4 (61 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.3 (2,085 reviews)
  • Location: 517, Kabana Jumeirah 3 Beach Road – Dubai

Kabul Darbar

Kabul Darbar - afghani restaurants

After a day of sightseeing, Kabul Darbar provides a unique opportunity for visitors to thoroughly immerse themselves in the Afghan culinary culture through traditional floor dining in a designated area with mats and little cushions. It’s the ideal way to unwind.

Afghani Mix Grills (52 AED), Chopan Kabab Grilled (42 AED), and Shami Kebab (35 AED) are just a few of the tempting selections on the Kabul Darbar menu. Priced at 195 AED, the Party Platter BBQ for 5 Persons is an excellent option for anybody wishing to have a budget-friendly dinner with friends or family.

  • Cuisines: Afghani
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday 12:00 PM-2:00 AM, Friday 1:30 PM-2:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 4 (48 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4.2 (1,368 reviews)
  • Location: 12 Deira St – Naif – Dubai

Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab

Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab - afghani restaurants

A special place to eat that skillfully blends Afghan and Arabian elements is Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab. The menu offers a variety of delectable options, such as Shawarma at 6.30 AED, Afghan traditional soup at 27.30 AED, Manto at 29.40 AED, and Kabuli Pulao, which can be served for three individuals and costs 78.75 AED.

The eatery is well-known for its extensive assortment of cocktail drinks; the Avocado Yoghurt cocktail, which costs 12.60 AED, stands out as an especially unusual choice. Many pulao alternatives are also available for diners to savor, such as Shami Kabab, Chicken or Mix BBQ, King Fish, Sherry Fish, and Chicken grilled over charcoal.

On the restaurant’s second level, there is ambiance-filled booth seating that lets patrons enjoy their meals in a classic floor dining arrangement.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Cheap
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 AM-2:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor:
  • Google Maps: 4.1 (753 reviews)
  • Location: 27th St – Deira – Dubai

Barbecue Delights

Barbecue Delights - afghani restaurants

In The Walk, JBR, Barbecue Delights has a quaint outdoor dining area and a unique interior decor with pops of color in the form of red seats, yellow light fixtures, wood siding, Arabic tiles, and a touch of 60s pop art influence.

At their special lunch and dinner buffets, the restaurant takes excellent satisfaction in offering a wide variety of over 40 dishes daily. Customers may enjoy the Weekday Buffet, available from 1 PM to 4 PM and include famous delicacies like Biryani, Tikka, Karahi, Handi, and more for as little as 69 AED. The Weekend Dinner Buffet, served from 6 PM to 11 PM, is also available for 79 AED.

Families dining with little kids have to expect to pay extra for the plush cuties: the venue offers merchandise featuring adorable soft toys styled like popular foods such as fried chicken, rice with veggies, and kebabs.

  • Cuisines: Indian, International, Grill, Pakistani
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 AM-12:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 4 (153 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4 (1,155 reviews)
  • Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Adjacent to Sofitel Hotel, JBR Walk – Dubai

Afghan Darbar Restaurant

Afghan Darbar Restaurant - afghani restaurants

The Afghan Darbar Restaurant is well-known for its delicious Afghan food and its excellent value for the money. Its location may not be the most convenient, but if you would instead not cook at home, it offers an excellent choice for takeout. The restaurant has standard floor eating spaces in addition to separate family sections.

The restaurant has a daily range of dishes for customers looking for a satisfying breakfast, with prices for omelettes at 2 AED, red beans at 3 AED, and parathas at 1 AED.

In addition, visitors may choose the Set for 3 Persons (80 AED) with a bottle of Pepsi, salad, yogurt sauce, and Namkeen Pulao. Additional tempting choices are on the menu, such as Seekh Kabab for 14 AED and Mutton Tikka at 18 AED.

In addition, the dining spot offers free parking spaces for increased accessibility.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Cheap
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM-12:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor:
  • Google Maps: 4 (810 reviews)
  • Location: 5722+G8V – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 4 – Dubai

Afghan Kabul

Afghan Kabul - afghani restaurants

Afghan Kabul is a humble, down-to-earth eatery that serves those looking for a quick and easy dinner alternative. It has all the makings of a genuine working-class dining room. The restaurant provides a pleasant setting for both conventional table dining and social meetings on cozy rugs, whether you’re in the mood for takeaway or a quick lunch.

A wide range of mouthwatering dishes, kebabs, family-style meals, karahi with roti, and tasty soups are all available on the menu at Afghan Kabul. Remarkable foods on the menu include the Sada Pulao, which costs about 12 AED, the Chicken Boti Kebab, which costs 20 AED, and the Chicken Karahi, which costs 10 AED. The term “karahi” refers to a specific pot used to make these fried and stewed meat dishes, frequently served with tomato or other flavorful gravies.

The eatery provides family meal solutions for parties and families, with prices beginning at 80 AED, including pulao, roti, soup, and a refreshing drink.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM-11:00 pM
  • Tripadvisor: 4 (4 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 3.9 (288 reviews)
  • Location: Ras Al Khor Rd – Ras Al Khor Industrial Area – Dubai

Bilal Afghani Restaurant


Bilal Afghani Restaurant is offering a mouthwatering special deal priced at 75 AED. It comes with a delicious serving of Afghan pulao, grilled chicken, a fizzy Coke, and a sauce suitable for the main dish, all appropriately sized to feed four to six people.

The restaurant’s assortment of family meal options provides a simple and fulfilling eating experience for parties of all sizes, priced at 32 AED and intended for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 persons.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 PM-2:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor:
  • Google Maps: 3.9 (750 reviews)
  • Location: V-14 – International City – Russia Cluster – Dubai

Afghan Khorasan Kabab House

Afghan Khorasan Kabab House - afghani restaurants

Afghan Khorasan Kabab House is situated in the Al Quoz area, adjacent to the lively city center, central business zone, and well-liked tourist destinations. There is convenient street parking close by, making it simple for customers to get there.

The restaurant’s entrance, situated in the middle of the establishment, offers visitors a unique yet considerate layout.

Visitors are welcomed with quaint décor that exquisitely reflects the spirit of Afghanistan. Vibrant flowers and tasteful flamingo details cover each table, fostering a cozy and welcoming family ambiance.

Afghan Khorasan Kabab House offers a mouthwatering menu with prices ranging from 39 AED for Shinwari Kabab to 29 AED for Chicken Pulao, 41 AED for Sherry with Pulao, and 41 AED for Mutton Tikka paired with rice.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Barbecue
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: Saturday to Wednesday 12:00 PM-1:30 AM, Thursday 12:00 PM-2:00 AM, Friday 1:00 PM-2:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 3.5 (52 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 4 (2,507 reviews)
  • Location: Al Quoz – Al Quoz 1 – Dubai

Al Kabab Al-Afghani

Al Kabab Al Afghani -afghani restaurants

The thriving restaurant chain Al Kabab Al-Afghani began operations in 2004 and has since grown to include five venues around Dubai, significantly adding to the increased demand for Afghan food in the area. Of particular note, the Marina Walk location is among the chain’s busiest and most well-known places.

The restaurant’s interior design incorporates Eastern ornamental elements into a traditional environment. There’s also a little patio with breathtaking views of high-rise buildings and palm trees, which is a great place to have dinner at night under the city’s dazzling lights along the pedestrian walkway.

At Al Kabab Al-Afghani, patrons may unwind with a shisha session or watch sporting events on a big screen.

Signature Afghan meals such as Afghani Salad (30 AED), Afghani Pulao with Meat (50 AED), and Mantoo (56 AED) are available on the menu.

Apart from serving Afghan specialties, the restaurant also serves popular fast food items, including pizza, club sandwiches, burgers, and traditional Turkish cuisine. It’s crucial to remember that the restaurant’s dessert menu is somewhat small – it only offers ice cream, pudding, fruit salad, and kunafah – so anyone with a sweet craving may find it less appealing.

  • Cuisines: Afghani, Middle Eastern
  • Price: Moderate
  • Opening Hours: 1:00 PM-1:00 AM
  • Tripadvisor: 3.5 (74 reviews)
  • Google Maps: 3.9 (927 reviews)
  • Location: DAMAC Metro Station, Marina Hotel Apartments Building, Marina Walk – Dubai – Dubai

In conclusion, we’ve compiled a list of Afghani restaurants to accommodate the tastes and desires of:

  • For floor dining experience: Afghan Palace Restaurant, Afghan Darbar Restaurant, Kabul Darbar, Afghan Kabul, and Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab
  • Cheap/budget-friendly dining spots: Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab, Afghan Darbar Restaurant
  • Fine-dining Afghan restaurant: Kabana Restaurant
  • Shisha options: Kabana Restaurant, Al Kabab Al-Afghani

Have a nice kebab or pulao experience in one of these Afghan restaurants in Dubai!

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Map of the Best Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

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