Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: The Complete Guide

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ready to experience the thrill of being a racer? Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi! 

Every area of the complex fervently and precisely displays the history, know-how, innovation, and technology of the well-known carmaker. It is not necessary to be a skilled driver to visit this park for auto aficionados; rather, it may spark an interest and enthusiasm for vehicles in general and racing in particular:

  • The fastest pneumatic roller coaster and the longest twisting loop are just two of the fascinating excites offered to thrill-seekers.
  • From high-speed swings and 3D and 5D simulations to rock climbing and karting, the site has a wealth of kid-friendly activities.
  • A tour that reveals the secrets of famous car inventions, immersive installations, antique automotive exhibitions, and souvenir stores advertising the Ferrari brand are all available to enthusiasts of luxury autos.

Settle down and let’s open the “glove box” of helpful information, which includes everything from the main attractions and regularly updated timetables to the best ticket prices and low-cost ways to get there quickly!

Ticketing - Ferrari Abu Dhabi



In the mid-2000s, Aldar Properties and Ferrari investors worked together to create the theme park as a marketing and instructional project. A successful collaboration developed since its inception between Mubadala Development and the Italian furniture producer Poltrona Frau Group. Fascinatingly, this brand’s furnishings can be seen throughout the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello.

The place opened up in 2010 and was the first-ever Ferrari theme park in the world. It was a joint project between Ferrari and the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund, aiming to create a unique spot where people could fully experience the thrill, style, and excellence of the Ferrari brand.

Back in 2007, a “time capsule” was buried with parts of the championship car’s engine as part of the park’s foundation. It’s planned to dig it up in 2047 during Ferrari’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Key Facts

Located close to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi complex, usually referred to as Ferrari World, is the globe’s most extensive indoor theme park dedicated solely to the Ferrari brand.

Covering more than 86,000 square meters, it is about the size of seven football fields. Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, it is surrounded by other infrastructural buildings, including the Yas Hotel, that are all connected by the themes of speed, racing, and cutting-edge technology.

Ramboll oversaw extensive territory planning and carried out geological studies as the initiative’s leader. The building’s architecture is shaped like a three-pointed star, and it has slides, games, an auditorium, shops, restaurants, and offices. The unique, bright red metal-coated top was designed by Benoy to resemble the lines of a Ferrari GT.

The 62-meter G-Force tower, an attraction, is located at the center of the roof’s curved funnel-shaped structure, which falls to ground level and is divided from the rest of the building by a glass barrier.

With a weight of almost 6,500 tons, the enormous steel dome is the biggest structure of its sort in the world. This dome creates a special indoor area for attractions and displays while shielding visitors from the heat and sand.

With over 40 rides and entertainment options, the park has several popular attractions that are worth seeing. Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world, is one of the most well-known. The ride gives racers the impression of wind rushing through their hair and an adrenaline rush as they may reach speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Inside

The area is segmented into 4 distinct thematic zones: Family, Racing, Italian, and Adventure:

  • Family Zone: Designed with kids and families in mind, these rides are scaled-down versions of hit-and-thrill tourist attractions. There’s also a 290-meter karting circuit where races may be organized for competition.
  • Racing Zone: Kids may take on driving roles in race cars, participate in interactive challenge games and training sims that replicate a Formula 1 race, go down the slide in Nello’s Adventureland, and finish their visit with a trip on the Formula Rossa.
  • Italian Zone: Savor delicious carbonara pasta at Mamma Rosella, explore scenic locations in a 1958 Ferrari 250 California, go on authentic trips using 3 attractions and a 4D travel experience, learn about the building of a Ferrari GT, and play with remote-controlled cars and boats on little Italy’s waterways to truly experience the essence of Italy.
  • Adventure Zone: Take a pit stop and rejuvenate your weary spirit at the Turbo Track, renowned for its twists and freefalls.

The cutting-edge FacePass technology is present at the entry. With your smartphone, you may use the pre-installed application to access your biometric information, link a payment card, and pass through the entryway with ease. You’ll also get a 20 percent discount on your first purchase at one of the cafés.

The dining venues encompass 4 distinct options:

  • Il Podio, known for its grilled meats and Middle Eastern fare, is similar to a Ferarri factories worker’s diner in that it provides live cooking demonstrations.
  • Espresso Rosso is the place to go for those looking for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and pastries or classic gelato.
  • Family-friendly Mamma Rossella is an Italian restaurant with a wide selection of pizzas and pasta.
  • Officers Food Quarters boasts of an assortment of light refreshments for easy consumption before or after races.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Dining

Purchasing the Meal Combo Ticket entitles you to a meal ticket with a 30% value addition that may be used at any restaurant.

Guests may peruse a collection that features classic cars next to the brand’s newest models.

Additionally, the park has stores selling premium souvenirs, auto models, and other items related to the Ferrari brand.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has received accolades such as being named the Middle East’s and the World’s Leading Theme Park 2022 by the World Travel Awards.

It also won a Silver Award for Innovation in the Use of Events and Outstanding Achievement in Themed Consumer Experiences from the ME and North Africa Stevie Awards.

In addition, it received recognition as the Favorite Attraction at the What’s On Awards and the Arabian Best of Best Awards’ Best Indoor Theme Park in 2022.


  • ATMs.
  • Lockers (35 AED per locker or 50 AED for leaving the luggage).

But actually, you can just leave your things in storage boxes before every attraction and then take it back at the exit.

  • Toilets.
  • Baby Changing Rooms.
  • Prayer Rooms.
  • Strollers rental (from 40 AED).
  • Smoking area.
  • Free parking spots.
  • Valet Parking.
  • Souvenir shops.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • 4 dining venues.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Facilities

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Rides

Thrill Rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa- Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi

The centerpiece of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the Formula Rossa, which is the world’s fastest pneumatic roller coaster and uses the same catapult technology as aircraft carriers. Riders may feel firsthand the acceleration faced by Formula 1 drivers as they reach an astounding speed of 240 km/h in only 5 seconds and soar to a height of 52 meters above the ground.

It is important to note that the roller coaster is now undergoing renovations. To remain informed about when it is expected to return, we suggest visiting the official website.

  • Height Limit: 140-195 cm
  • Location: Racing Zone

Flying Aces

Flying Aces - Ferrari Park Abu Dhabi

With its 2016 premiere, this rollercoaster is one of the newest additions to Ferrari World’s unique lineup of attractions. It is an incredible experience that lets guests go at up to 120 km/h, and rise to 63 meters with a 51-degree slope, to ride one of the globe’s tallest loops.

  • Height Limit: 130-196 cm
  • Location: Italian Zone

Mission Ferrari

Mission Ferrari presents the world’s first sideways coaster drop, providing guests with an intense, multi-sensory, five-dimensional roller coaster sensation.

Inside a secretive international intelligence center, visitors to this state-of-the-art attraction are recruited for a covert mission to safely transfer a high-performance Ferrari spy car that was designed especially for Agent Cavallino.

  • Height Limit: 130 cm
  • Location: Italian Zone

Turbo Track

With its thrilling mix of speed and gravity, Turbo Track is a true test of driving skill. The attraction sends riders skyward in a spiral pattern through the opening in the large red dome of the building, giving them the thrilling feeling that they are falling out of the top.

  • Height Limit: 130-196 cm
  • Location: Adventure Zone

Fiorano GT Challenge

Fiorano GT Challenge

Riding in cabins modeled after a Ferrari F430 Spider, riders compete against other contestants in the moderately intense Fiorano GT Challenge.

In this exciting race, participants may expect to achieve speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour.

  • Height Limit: 130-195 cm
  • Location: Italian Zone

Family Rides

Junior Grand Prix

Junior Grand Prix

Is your youngster keen to improve their ability to drive a fast car? At a kid-focused F1 karting school, start with the basics and be ready for an amazing journey.

Teachers will familiarize the young fans with the basics before the race, and they may see an instructive film to spark their motivation and dream of being the next Schumacher!

  • Height Limit: 110-140 cm
  • Location: Racing Zone



Bell’Italia is an enthralling journey for kids and adults alike, traveling through an exquisitely built miniature copy of Italy in a vintage automobile from the 1950s. This all-encompassing encounter features a plethora of well-known sites and landmarks tucked away amid the gorgeous Apennine scenery.

  • Height Limit: 120-200 cm
  • Location: Italian Zone

Made in Maranello

An incredible opportunity to see firsthand the creation of the original Ferrari sports cars in the 1920s as well as the growth and development of a world-famous automotive business.

  • Height Limit: 120 cm
  • Location: Italian Zone

Formula Rossa Junior

Do you have doubts about riding the park’s wildest roller coaster? Then, for individuals looking for a more gentle encounter, this choice is ideal! Visitors may enjoy an exhilarating yet more accessible ride on the Formula Rossa Junior, which is modeled after the real Formula Rossa circuit and can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

  • Height Limit: 90 cm
  • Location: Family Zone

Turbo Tower

Turbo Tower

This attraction provides a stunning overhead perspective of the whole park and a scaled-down version of the well-known Turbo Track. It promises to provide thrills and excitement to visitors of any age by raising them to a 13.5-meter tower and then launching them into a zero-gravity fall and two thrilling turbo drops.

  • Height Limit: 105 cm
  • Location: Family Zone

Other family rides:


Roof Walk Experience

Experience The Roof Walk, a one-of-a-kind tour that allows visitors to explore the park’s striking red roof while taking in stunning views of Yas Island.

Note the following restrictions: height requirement of 120-200 cm, weight limit of 140 kg, and age range of 8-65 years old.

Karting Academy

A thrilling 290-meter electric kart track, the first of its type in the area, is available at the park. Feel the rush of being a real racer in a safe setting, determined to beat your competitors. Since this is a scheduled activity, it’s best to go to the park earlier to guarantee your spots!

Please be aware that from April 20 to June 3, the Karting Academy will be closed for annually scheduled repairs.

Drive a Ferrari

How about feeling the rush of speed when the velocity explodes inside of you? Or maybe you would want to feel the speed of Charles Leclerc? If you want to drive or ride in a Ferrari Portofino, then go for it.

  • Driving Experience – 20 minutes: 1,295 AED
  • Passenger Experience – 15-20 minutes: 895 AED

Both experiences offer 2 photos and 1 video.

To participate, drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Hold a valid driver’s license in their area.

VIP Experience

  • VIP Shared Experience – 1,500 AED: comprises VIP valet parking, a 5-hour guided tour, a fast track pass, exclusive dining options with reserved tables, and complimentary snacks and beverages.
  • VIP Private Experience – 10,000 AED (up to 3 persons): encompasses the same benefits as the shared experience, along with VIP Roof Walk routes, access to the VIP lounge, unlimited photo opportunities, and exclusive insights into the park’s inner workings.

Adventure awaits! Explore our guide to the top family activities in Dubai.


Onwards, Monday to Friday, the park is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, while on weekends, Saturday to Sunday, the opening hours will be from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Please be aware that the hours of operation are subject to change, so check back frequently for changes.

Tickets and Pricing

  • 1 Day Pass – 345 AED.
  • Dual Park Pass – 475 AED (allows for two visits to Ferrari World within 6 days or admission to one more park of the Yas Theme Parks).
  • Triple Park Pass – 575 AED (permits three visits to Ferrari World within 6 days or entry to two of the Yas Theme Parks).
  • 4 Park Pass – 675 AED (enables four visits to Ferrari World within 6 days or access to three of the Yas Theme Parks).
  • Additional options include the Quick Pass for 150 AED or the Tasty Ticket for 395 AED, which includes a 65 AED meal voucher for adults or a 55 AED meal voucher for children under 1.3 meters, redeemable at select dining establishments.
Provider Booking Policy Price Availability
Ferrari World: Entry Ticket 48 hours before the visit from AED 345 Check availability
Tickets for Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai with Optional Ferrari World or Warner Bros World until 11:59 PM the day before the visit from AED 130 Check availability
Yas Island Abu Dhabi Multi Park Ticket: 2 Parks 48 hours before the visit from AED 475 Check availability
Yas Island Abu Dhabi Multi Park Ticket: 3 Parks 48 hours before the visit from AED 575 Check availability
Yas Island Abu Dhabi Multi Park Ticket: 4 Parks 48 hours before the visit from AED 675 Check availability
Yas Island: Ferrari World Admission Ticket and 44-Rides 24 hours before the visit from AED 345 Check availability
From Dubai: Abu Dhabi Day Tour with Ferrari World Ticket 24 hours before the visit from AED 822 Check availability

From Dubai: Ferrari World Admission Ticket w/ Hotel Transfer

24 hours before the visit from AED 688 Check availability
Abu Dhabi City Tour With Ferrari World with sharing transfer 24 hours before the visit from AED 375 Check availability
Abu Dhabi City Tour With Ferrari World with private transfer 24 hours before the visit from AED 1897 Check availability
Ferrari World Day Pass Non-refundable from AED 345 Check availability
Ferrari World Day Pass with sharing transfer Non-refundable from AED 354 Check availability
Ferrari World Day Pass with private transfer Non-refundable from AED 1305 Check availability
Ferrari World Entrance ticket Non-refundable from AED 345 Check availability
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Ticket Non-refundable from AED 330 Check availability

Park Map

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Map


Ferrari World is situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and is conveniently linked to Yas Mall.

How To Reach

Having trouble getting to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi? These are the ways that we suggest getting around:

  • By Car: Driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is easy; just stay on the Sheikh Zayed Expressway and pay attention to the road signs. It takes around 25 minutes to get to Yas Island from Abu Dhabi by car. There are free parking spots available as well as the valet parking service (for 42 AED).
  • By Shuttle Bus: Complimentary Yas Express buses go around Abu Dhabi, offering a ride to Yas Mall, which is where the park is situated. The complimentary minibus service from Sheraton (Mall of Emirates) may also be used; it leaves at 11:00 AM local time and takes 90 minutes to reach Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi (which is next to Ferrari World). The Mall of Emirates station has the same name as the mall, making it easy to connect to the Dubai Metro. 7:30 PM will see the same shuttle service bus leave the Yas Mall gate. Note that there is a first-come, first-served rule for the shuttle service. See this page for comprehensive schedules.
  • By Bus: Select the busses marked E100, E101, and E102 if you plan to depart from Dubai. With a ticket price of just 25 AED, this is an affordable option. Bus 190 from Abu Dhabi’s main bus station (at the intersection of Hazza bin Zayed the First St. and East Rd.) will take you straight to the entrance.
  • By Taxi: For smooth travel to your location, use the RTA Taxi or Abu Dhabi Taxi App.
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Entrance
You can enter the park via Yas Mall


  • Selecting ticket packages that allow you to visit multiple Yas parks is strongly advised since you may save a significant amount of money – 475 AED for a 2-park option, 575 AED for a 3-park option, and up to 675 AED for a 4-park option.
  • Think about staying at one of the Yas Island hotels, where you get free park admission every night of your stay.

The hotels offering the deal are listed below:

  1. W Abu Dhabi: from 765 AED/night.
  2. Yas Island Rotana: from 700 AED/night.
  3. Staybridge Suites: from 680 AED/night.
  4. Crowne Plaza: from 676 AED/night.
  5. Double Tree by Hilton: from 581 AED/night.
  6. Park Inn by Radisson: from 539/night.

Please click this link for a list of hotels, terms of accommodation, and other facilities.

  • Take advantage of the meal vouchers when choosing the Tasty Ticket; they can drastically lower your total food costs. Or you can visit the nearest IKEA (which is 5-7 minute drive from Ferrari World) to have a tasty and budget lunch after having fun or visit the food court in the Yas mall and choose any of the dining options there.
  • Please be aware that some rides could be closed for temporary maintenance. Check the official website first.
  • We suggest that you schedule between four to six hours for your visit and that you think about purchasing a multi-day Yas ticket so that you may visit additional parks on later days.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes is advised for having spent time there since there will be a lot of walking. Bring warm clothes with you as sometimes it is a bit cold inside. Take closed shoes for kids as it is the admission rule for some experiences.
  • Weekdays are the best times to visit the park to avoid long lines for rides because Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays are usually the busiest. When the park opens, which is between 10:00 and 11:00 AM, you may arrive early to enjoy the attractions without having to wait in line for a long period. By the afternoon, lines usually extend to an hour.
  • Those who are prone to motion sickness should be careful when using some attractions.


Take a look at the pros and cons of a visit to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:


  • Impressive and unique architecture and design.
  • Climate-controlled environment for added comfort.
  • Abundance of activities tailored for children.
  • Close to other main attractions of Yas Island.


  • Temporary closure of certain attractions, such as the renowned Formula Rossa.
  • Extended wait times for the exhilarating rides.
  • Pricey and busy dining options.

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