Safa Park Dubai: Your Ultimate Guide [Includes Real Photos&Tips]

Safa Park Dubai

Safa Park Dubai stands as a lush sanctuary bustling with a wide variety of plants and animals. This extensive refuge provides a charming getaway for nature lovers, featuring abundant bird species and serene surroundings.

Safa Park is a versatile recreational haven that accommodates various interests and age groups, going beyond just catering to nature enthusiasts.

The park presents a range of activities for all ages, including picturesque spots for picnics and barbecues, along with breathtaking vistas of the Dubai Canal and iconic skyscrapers.

Athletic individuals can partake in an array of activities such as basketball, and jogging, while shoppers can explore the lively Flea and food markets.

Families with kids can enjoy play areas equipped with swings, slides, and a spacious trampoline, as well as a special section for women with young children, ensuring a safe and protected environment.

Moreover, senior citizens can engage in the social scene of Dubai at the new Thukher Club, where they can undergo health assessments, explore the library, participate in various events, and utilize the well-equipped gym.

Discover our guide designed to showcase the diverse array of attractions at Safa Park, where natural beauty, recreational amenities, and community involvement seamlessly blend.

Additionally, we provide helpful tips for park visitors, including entrance fees, regulations, and nearby points of interest to enhance your experience.

Safa Park Overview

  • Best For: hiking, families with kids, sport enthusiasts, leisure and nature lovers
  • Recommended time: 2-3 hours
  • Best time to visit: anytime in winter, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM in March-October
  • Dog-friendly: no
  • Kid/family-friendly: yes

Established in 1975, Safa Park holds the distinction of being Dubai’s inaugural public park and continues to be a favored recreational destination.

Encompassing 64 hectares near the city center on Al Wasl Street in Jumeirah 2, the park boasts lush greenery, serene lakes, and a rich variety of plant and animal life. With approximately 17,000 trees and shrubs providing shelter, the park is home to over 200 species of birds.

Its charming canals are adorned with picturesque bridges, while man-made lakes dotted throughout the area host a selection of dining establishments and leisure areas. The park’s three scenic lakes contribute to its refreshing ambiance and are accompanied by the soothing sounds of waterfalls and a fountain.

Safa Park stands as a veritable oasis amidst the towering skyscrapers of Jumeirah, offering splendid vistas of high-rise buildings on one side and a canal connecting to a sizable reservoir on the other. Notably, the AED 2.7 billion Dubai Water Canal, a 3.2 km long attraction, links Business Bay to Safa Park and Jumeirah Road.

The park’s shaded areas provide an ideal setting for picnics, complete with wooden tables and benches for convenience. Our guide highlights several restaurants and snack bars within Safa Park, offering a relaxing dining experience for visitors.

Safa Park caters to sports enthusiasts with dedicated facilities for basketball, football, jogging, hiking, and cycling.

Additionally, the park features multiple playgrounds, train rides, and even video games to keep children entertained for hours.

Notably, the Dubai government has initiated a commendable social project by establishing a special club for individuals aged 60 and above, aimed at fostering social connections and promoting mental, cultural, and physical well-being among senior UAE residents.

It’s important to note that the park is currently not pet-friendly, as stringent security measures are in place to enforce this restriction, clearly indicated on park tickets. Furthermore, Safa Park recently transitioned to a paid-entry system, with the ticket price having been reduced some time ago, resulting in increased footfall from both local residents and tourists.

Entrance Fee

Admission to the park is priced at 3 AED.

There is no entry fee for people of determination and children under 2 years old.

It’s important to note that the park does not accommodate NOL cards, which are commonly accepted at many other parks in Dubai.


Safa Park operates as per the following timetable:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday: from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

According to local reports, the park’s outer perimeter is not enclosed by a gate, allowing access to the jogging track outside of regular operating hours.


  • Prayer rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Kids Play Area
  • Ladies Garden
  • Wheelchair accessible pathways
  • Seating areas with charging slots
  • Water refilling stations
  • Train rides
  • Bicycle rental (outside the park – near gate 2 )
  • Sports facilities (jogging and cycling track, volleyball, basketball, football field)
  • Picnic and BBQ areas
  • Dining options (cafes and a few food kiosks)
  • Flea and food markets
  • Paid parking areas

Based on recent feedback, there is currently no public Wi-Fi available, and the park does not have designated areas that are suitable for dogs.

Things To Do At Safa Park Dubai

Picnicking and BBQ

BBQ and picnic area at Safa Park Dubai

There is no designated area with tables and benches for comfortable seating, so you should bring everything with you.

You must provide your own charcoal or firewood, matches, and grill to use in the barbecue areas.

It’s essential to note that the preparation of pork dishes and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited within the park premises.

Children Playgrounds

The park features multiple playgrounds designed to meet the recreational requirements of children, providing a variety of play equipment like swings, slides, and climbing frames. Furthermore, the gaming section presents a range of entertainment options, including a spacious trampoline and bumper cars, although the Ferris Wheel is presently not in operation.

Notably, a miniature traffic town featuring battery-powered autos, traffic lights, and road signage provides an interactive and educational experience for young visitors.

Furthermore, Safa Park Dubai houses a dedicated video gaming central area, ensuring that avid gamers and youth alike are thoroughly entertained during their visit.

Train Rides

For those who may not be keen on hiking, consider embarking on a delightful mini-train ride within the park. The train journey encompasses nine circular stops, allowing passengers to take in the scenic beauty of the Japanese and Chinese gardens, as well as other ornamental features, water attractions, and various amenities dotted throughout Safa Park Dubai. It’s a wonderful way to leisurely explore the park’s offerings and enjoy a unique perspective of the surroundings.

Doing Sports


Bike rental near Gate 2 at Safa Park Dubai

Visitors are welcome to rent bicycles for leisurely rides. You can hire a bike near gate 2 (outside the park). For those looking to enhance their park experience, paid bike or scooter rentals are available for just 20 AED, offering 40 minutes of delightful exploration throughout the park.

Jogging and hiking

Safa Park features a 3.5 km earth-red and spongy track lined with multiple workout stations, providing an inviting and comfortable surface for fitness enthusiasts.

As you stroll or jog near the Dubai Canal, take in the serene waters and picturesque surroundings from the walkways and bridges, offering an ideal setting for capturing stunning photographs.

To avoid the bustling crowds, it’s advisable to plan your run during the early morning or after 8 PM, allowing for ample space to stretch your legs and relish the expansive boardwalk without the congestion typically observed during late evening hours.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court at Safa Park in Dubai

The basketball court is equipped with lighting, allowing for enjoyable gameplay even in the evening hours.

The lush greenery and surrounding trees create a pleasant and refreshing environment, enhancing the overall experience of playing in this picturesque setting.


Drift burgers

Drift Burgers is conveniently located near the basketball court, allowing you to savor delicious burgers after shooting hoops.

Their extensive burger menu includes the Classic with cheese for 39 AED, Truffle and Mushrooms for 48 AED, Beef, Avocado, and Eggs for 49 AED, and Crispy Chicken for 34 AED.

Additionally, they offer delectable waffles with strawberries and berries for 30 AED, and Nutella topping for 35 AED. Quench your thirst with soft drinks and water for 10 AED, or indulge in a refreshing shake for 28 AED.

  • Cuisines: American
  • Price range: 80-150 AED for a couple
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM-11:00 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM-12:00 AM
  • Google Maps: 4 (4 reviews)
  • Location: Al Hadiqa Rd – Al Safa – Dubai

Kabab albastakiah resturant

Dining at Dubai Safa Park

Kabab Albastakiah restaurant is a cozy dining establishment that celebrates traditional Emirati and Middle Eastern dishes.

The charming venue features a petite outdoor space adorned with delightful light blue seating.

Indulge in their delectable offerings, including Grilled Shrimps for 48 AED, Shish Tawook for 65 AED, Mince Lamb Kabab for 69 AED, Lamb Lemon Tikka for 69 AED, Chicken Curry for 18 AED, and Biryani for 39 AED. Furthermore, treat yourself to the refreshing fresh juices starting from 17 AED.

  • Cuisines: Middle Eastern, Arabic
  • Price range: 100-200 AED for a couple
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 PM-11:00 PM, Saturday to Sunday 12:00 PM-12:00 AM
  • Google Maps: 4.7 (185 reviews)
  • Location: park – Al Safa – Dubai

Barzat Mitts x Thukher

It is a nice place with both indoor and outdoor seating where you can grab a sandwich, salad, or dessert with coffee or tea.

  • Cuisines: International
  • Price range: 100-200 AED for two
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 5:00 PM-12:00 AM
  • Google Maps: 4.9 (52 reviews)
  • Location: Thukher Club

Thukher Club

Thukher Club

Thukher Club offers a diverse array of activities, events, and daily programs catering to the cultural, social, recreational, and health needs of senior citizens 60+ years old. The venue aims to foster their active participation in public life, leverage their wealth of experiences, and help them make the most of their leisure time.

At Thukher Club, seniors can undergo health check-ups and receive guidance from a nutritionist, peruse a wide selection of books in our library, engage in educational events, enjoy the lush garden while relaxing on comfortable sofas with a refreshing cup of coffee, and exercise in the gym either independently or with the assistance of a qualified instructor.

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Flea market

Flea market at Safa Park Dubai

The park also serves as a venue for flea markets, primarily located at Gate 2 or 5, where individuals have the opportunity to haggle and discover a wide array of items, excluding counterfeit and commercial goods. These items encompass household utensils, musical instruments, clothing, footwear, accessories, textiles, toys, mementos, and other handcrafted articles, as well as basic electronics, CDs, and antiques.

Typically, the markets operate on Saturdays, with varying timings. Prospective visitors are advised to check the market’s website or Instagram account for details on upcoming events.

Entry for buyers seeking to peruse and negotiate with vendors is complimentary. Additionally, individuals have the option to vend their unwanted pre-owned items and breathe new life into them.

To partake in this, advance reservation of a space is necessary, subject to a fee. The official website stipulates that, for 290 AED, sellers can secure a table, two chairs, and a canopy for displaying their merchandise.

Farmer’s Souq

Farmer Souq at Safa Park in Dubai

The third season of the Farmers’ Souq with over 30 local farmers began on December 9, 2023 in Safa Park and will take place until February 24, 2024.

It brings together citizen farmers to showcase and sell agricultural and organic products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, organic products, honey, dates, herbal products, and many more made on the farms to customers directly, acting as a vibrant platform for agriculture, social interaction, and investment.

The Farmer’s Souq will be open throughout this season each Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Dedicated Ladies Area

As part of the park renovation project, the local municipality has designated a section of the park specifically for women and children, respecting the customs and traditions of the community.

This area provides mothers with the opportunity to supervise their children while they play in the park. Moreover, the women’s section is equipped with necessary public facilities and is enclosed by a metal fence at three entry points. Diverse varieties of plants and shady trees have also been planted in this designated area.

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna of Safa Park Dubai

Al Safa Park boasts a diverse array of wildlife, including over 200 species of birds and around 17,000 species of bushes, shrubs, and trees, such as palm trees, almond trees, frangipani trees, and an assortment of colorful flowers.

While exploring the park, you can observe the wide variety of animals that call this place home. Walking near the trees and bushes provides the opportunity to spot numerous bird species like Kingfishers and Parakeets.

Additionally, it’s common to encounter lizards, chipmunks, and squirrels in this area. Cats are also regular guests of the park, many people advise feeding them on the territory, but the park administration does not favor this animal protection action.

Al Safa Park is known for hosting a diverse range of migrating birds during the winter months, particularly in December and January, making it a must-visit destination for bird lovers.

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Safa Park’s address is Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Safa – Dubai. View the precise location using the Google map pin and use it to reach the destination by car or other modes of transportation mentioned below.

How To Reach

There are multiple options for reaching Safa Park Dubai, whether by public transportation or your own vehicle:

  • Using the Metro: The nearest station is Business Bay Metro Station, approximately 2.4 km from the park. It’s a 30-minute walk at a brisk pace, and you can either walk across the Water Canal FootBridge or take a taxi to the park entrance.
  • Taking the bus: Several bus routes, including 7, 12, 15, 93, 98E, and F20, have stops near Safa Park.
  • Driving your own car: Safa Park offers designated parking spaces near the entry gates to accommodate differently-abled individuals. However, please note that parking is not free. For example, you can park your car for 4 AED per hour at Water Canal parking.
  • Using a taxi: You have the option to hail the Official Taxi, Pink Taxi, or Uber. Each Dubai taxi ride has a minimum cost of 12 AED, with the fare depending on the distance and waiting time. For more tips about Dubai taxis read here.


After conducting thorough research, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the prominent pros and cons of visiting Safa Park Dubai.


  • Expansive, lush surroundings.
  • Varied plant life.
  • Ideal locations for picnics.
  • Secure recreational areas for children.


  • Potential noise disturbances from nearby traffic and construction.
  • Paid parking facilities.
  • Possible cleanliness issues with the restrooms.
Construction area


Here are some helpful tips for visiting Safa Park Dubai:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as the park is expansive and ideal for leisurely strolls.
  • It is advisable to avoid visiting on weekends and holidays as parking may be limited and taking a taxi could be the only option.
  • Most activities in the park commence after 5 PM, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Capture the picturesque views of the Dubai skyline from various vantage points within the park, Water Canal Footbridge, and Tolerance Bridge.
  • If you forget to bring water bottles, there are water refill machines available at the entry gate for your convenience.
  • Remember to bring barbecue equipment, including matches, skewers, grills, and fire starters, if you plan to have a barbecue during your visit.


Safa Park Rules

These are the park’s officially established rules:

  • Barbecue is permitted only in the designated area.
  • Refrain from littering.
  • Dress modestly while visiting the park.
  • Consumption of food is not permitted in the play area.
  • Ball games are only allowed in the specified courts.
  • Camping is not allowed within the park premises.
  • Adults are required to supervise their children at all times.
  • Shisha smoking is prohibited.
  • Playing cricket is not permitted.
  • Please refrain from picking plants.
  • Smoking is prohibited in kids’ play areas.
  • Pets are not allowed within the park.
  • Commercial vending is not permitted without admission.

Sights Near Safa Park



To sum up, Safa Park Dubai is an excellent location for a range of recreational activities. The park provides a variety of options for relaxation and enjoyment, whether you want to go for a run, play basketball, football, or frisbee, or just relax with loved ones over a meal at the grill. Safa Park is the perfect place to engage in outdoor activities and make lifelong memories because of its beautiful surroundings and generous amenities.

More than that, we highly recommend taking the time to unwind on the lush green lawns within the park, savoring a meal from the RARE food truck (such as the Wagyu steak priced at 95 AED, occasionally accompanied by a complimentary creme brulee), and subsequently venturing out to admire the scenic views of the Dubai Water Canal.

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